Is it all over?,I ask.

Never to know

what’s in the friendship going on..

I just want to quit..

Quit this relationship.

Quit the moments I share with.

Quit the satisfaction I get ,I give.

Quit the freedom I admire with you.

Quit the ‘Me’ I find in you.

Quit myself feeling so good with you.

Maybe it was just for till now.

But the pricking part;

No reason I actually found.

No cause else than just to leave you.

I ask you for the same.

How easy is it for you

to get liberated?

Was it just for getting the body,

I wonder.

The soul;didn’t that ever soothed

You for your sake?

Was I selfish or you?

Was it just for moments to be made?

Table tickles ain’t anything to remember.

I forget the cold hands I held for long,

Lips on the other’s skin.

I wonder if it was easier.

To just forget, just quit.

Cause nothing left in this friendship,

You know. And things getting

Blur and hazy.

I ought not to drag it anymore.

I am saturated for being good,

Being honest and loyal with you.

I doubt the attention given.

But I crave for the love

You gave.

Wasn’t it my childhood stories

you heard all night?

Wasn’t it the devastating aggression

Of mine that made me

Understood you while?

The way you calmed me on calls,

The meets were the most

Different of all’s?

How are we supposed

To just end it fisting?

How you expect me

to be there for you,

and also to get apart when

you don’t need me?

Am I being objectified?

Am I being fooled?

No more I can bear.

No more you can bear.

We tend to quit

without uttering a word.

Coz eventually, when we do,

It turns it worst.

Heart is this time to be betrayed.

I want you to quit the game,

I am sorry for the word.

I want you to

Care for me no more.

I am sorry I never

restricted you earlier.

I want the conversation,

Chats and talks

to come to an end.

I am sorry

I didn’t discarded it then.

You ‘need’ to quit this time

Coz I do.

It’s the instinct that hit,

Allowing me to just quit.

Oh yes, I quit.




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