This was meant!

(Part 1)

I got this instinct to get at 2 AM  off my bed..and write this.! So here it is..

She waited for the front person,eventually a girl, to eat in haste and leave. It was hard to bear! She could barely focus on her owned plate full of rice and whatever shit the mess provided. It was some capsicum in kinda gravy..Alike her, no one was so curious to have it swallowed..Radhika still waited for her to leave from there..Radhika was abrupt enough to watch frequently towards her friend sitting  just beside..She wanted to speak to her, tell her something, talk to her. No one knew her instincts of trying to speak to her friend  in alone sitting near,Ashley . A person who is so damn charming lively in nature cold be so quiet too,thought Ashley when she saw Radhika on such a mute mode.She was panicking inside but couldn’t just spit anything before a person who did not have any business with their conversation. Perhaps she also decided not to speak to Radhika till the front girl went.There were indispensable still vibes even with three people sitting on the dine of the mess. It was after around fifteen minutes to let the girl not in her friend circle go. She got up, lifted her plate, bid a “Bye” to Radhika and Ashley. Both of them replied back. Radhika, seeming little disturbed regarding some other issue didn’t bother to chin up but still had the curtsey to speak the word “BBye”.! Ashley turned later towards Radhika..,asked her what had happened. Radhika suddenly hugged Ashley without even saying a word. She started crying and kept hug Ashley for  six seconds and tried not to attract attention from the crowd on the other table. As when she confirmed her tears stop flowing,she got her head up wiping her tears off her cheeks.

….( Part be continued)


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