Hey!.It’s been a long time i have not written something..Lets just do it..I just cant stay all away from it..It soothes me in a way nothing in this world ever can..But this time, lets write it  all openly..informally..Let it be my diary!..Where I write the shittiest thing and also the splendid stuff happening.

Let me clear it first..I just don’t want  to keep writing sad stories.Just not…I don’t know how many are reading this but I just don’t write this, for your knowledge..I write to lower my burden from head which gets monogrammed with thoughts i could never bear!To be honest here.

It’s an informal write-up right?…So I can’t hesitantly mention my  day blasts today. Well, Classes as usual! I missed the engineering graphics lab. I am not pretty much interested in that stuff.. I don’t find any logic in that freaking topic. I may seem quite agitated for now.But yes, I am frustrated. Perhaps, Rome was not built in a day.

Being an introvert is not easy..These simple words of mine today will be all correctly understood by you but then there  are flaws too.But thankful me..I got friends to count on. I love Bebe Rexha too…Hahahah..

(to be continued to be written)


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