How it exploded when I  was heard of the live and loud shout for millions of shattered thoughts in the chaos of love and hatred towards stuff I  just couldn’t recognize.I love the motive of finally coming to an elusive conclusion of chanting runaway of the heart.When it has to be dealt with the shallow time of days of my arrival in the college,I could just not throw wave the indispensable gestures of my co-members of the cluster I was put in.It brought me a load of dismay and disappointment when I was given actually no reasonable reason to clarify myself of their unjust behaviour. I had ocean of questions, doubts, confusions  and what not around my head prevailing.

I was too much not me to signify my level of interests in stuff I could pay to rather than just a rejection from all sides I went. Believe it or not, it made me literally lament on the time i was going through,maybe it meant hardly, but yes, it was something really hard for me to ignore,i must just add!


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