My Thing!!


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I could do it too. And then I thought better to grab my full potential to the fullest of what i was good at. I planned to have my skills enhanced on writing and I did it to my best. I am to write all about it and here I am writing it too!

I was made to fall into this too when might waste my time to a great extent and would not let me deal with my studies properly.. It was clarifying! How?..It made me decide what to take as the prior and what as the option or side hand. I was luckily forced to draw my whole lot attention to my interest that I had regarding literature. I couldn’t do Literature in my studies..Numerous excuses to explain it.Let’s not draw my wonderful attention to it and focus on what I was to. I started it all very casual when I was in 7th standard. I admire my English teacher then who made me realize my capability of writing. She had no idea what was I up to do for all my that new hobby, which later became my passion to become a really very inspiring writer and I have full faith in myself for doing it some day in future. When one actually wishes me a “Good and a prosperous future”, the only thing that strikes in my mind is all about my book to be published and inspire like thousands for then my success to be confirmed!. I just don’t prefer to be mediocre. That’s just not me yah!!.

I want to feel special but through all my write-ups. I know it would take all star counts to work on it but it’s not at all impossible I know.I just don’t have to distract myself from whatever I want and keep on increasing all my skills that I require for it to happen.I want your attention in all those positive manner which will no less than motivate me to write and expand more.

I sat on my verandah trying to think for a topic I could write on then having some coffee aside.I see people down my verandah,I get the topic.I help someone, it strikes me a topic. I am rude to someone for any reason, i can still write on the feelings I am going through. It is just so simple for me.I love to express myself. And I feel writing has become a prescriptive way for me to do it. Maybe I don’t have any issue on writing it either simple or far not my level to be understood by anyone. But it’s easy as long as I am writing!



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