Are we the happiest?


She asked me if I got hot water everyday to bathe with, in my hostel. I replied that there was a single gas stove for all the girls in the hostel where we use to line up to get our water hot. She astonishingly repeated -“Line!” ..
Yeah…I asked her then who gave her the same..She replied “mummy”. Though I needed to manipulate my side of comfort, from her, I got my desired answer when she said “Mine” after me asking her that who has the better side- one with mother close to her and providing stuff..or one who is so far from her mother and has to do things alone.
She said her was better.
I find it awful when these small kids who hardly know about the world, those who are so far away from the comforts of the so called “developed” world, start cultivating the feeling that we people, with good jeans, i- pods in our hands, smooth skin and just what not, have the wealthiest life ever wished. I realised how they think we are the happiest. Are we really happy? They feel we are the most satisfied section of the high society. Are we really satisfied with our lives? Don’t we miss our home? Miss our family? Miss the food there? .
Here I feel they are the most naive kids with a very wrong perception inculcated in their fresh minds.
I wish when she grows up, she understands this point of view.


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