Change to the right one!


“Is attire the reason?”
Not at all paranoid!
Let’s be bold and provocative this time.

Let’s speak the truth this time.Let’s not hide the society facts.Let’s not hide “your” facts.
I wear off-shoulders, i wear shorts, I wear jeans and i do wear kurti too.
“Was it my mistake?”-asked the short skirt.
“No,it happened to me too” – the burkha replied!..Sarcastic rght!?

Can I be a victim too? Should I get afraid?

Or shouldn’t I never go out with my friends irrespective of the day or the night?
They say, ‘I wear make up to seek attention’..Is it!?
Mmm maybe yes..of course yes!
Coz if my eyeliner infatuates u; proves you too weak to even touch my standards.Get up baby! 

I promise, my lipstick,this time,will be brighter enough to make me confident to sing, my wardrobe will be heavier to make me confident enough to dance..I am stubborn..I’ll do it. Mind you.I will go out if I have my job out! I will go out, learn defence;at least you are making me learn something new!hah!
It’s not the girl’s attire or her way of living responsible for “fears” today..It’s not that!.You just can’t comment and change us, change the right thing. We can fight with the hooligans out there.Yes,we will allow a change.A change in You coz you must change! Change should be brought to the one who deserves it,I guess.Is’nt it?




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