Maybe I am not Beautiful

I never had anyone else my parents,

Else my siblings, else my girls’ group,

But maybe that’s fine,

Maybe that’s bountiful,

For the reason, I am not beautiful.


I can’t be a part of your mere attraction,

your spot, your ‘girl’ or infatuation…

Sorry to say but that seems completely awful.

Coz maybe I can never be that beautiful.


I wonder what’s there exactly in your mind

But thanks, if I can’t be your spine!

I just don’t need it. I never admire it.

I had never expected it.

Maybe for u I am doleful,

Coz maybe I am not beautiful.


What if you can’t have crush in me.

What if you can’t like me in first sight.

I don’t even believe in it.

It’s my life and it’s my undoubted right!!!

Coz that’s exactly joyful.

For the reason you hold – “I am not beautiful”!


You can never do it for me.

You can just never get me.

I am out of your reach.

I am a puzzle one can never get you teach.

I am a mettle, I am phenomenal, I am cheerful..!

But unfortunately, for you, I am always never beautiful!



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